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blargh... I got fuckin front row!!! Right in front of Teru (ex. Aikaryu) aka the like... reason I... yeah... aikaryu is fucking awesome. Teru is fucking awesome.

Anyway the shit was intense. I was really nervous because of the shit that happened at AUSA (this & more...) however things went really well...!! alright!! Seriously!!!

pre-concert: Soz I got up about 6:15 to get ready. I had already picked out everything so it all went smoothly. I made it to the city pretty early, around 10:30 11. My plan was to go to book off and bum around midtown until it was time to GO CONCERT!! But my friend who I was meeting was stressin... like get to the venue at 11 am bs so... I did my nessecaries (book-off, food) and then like HEADED OUT. Like dammmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnn.


I picked up two new The Yellow Monkey cds, Der Zibet, Strawberry Fields (ohh yeahh), Jelly-->, um... and "Stupid & Honest" by the Ulfuls.

One of the kids from Sushi?? next to Book Off was going to Versailles but she had work;; I didn't actually see her at the concert but like... it was chill!!

I got in line 30-40 min after my friend and soon made friends with teh other line people. We took turns goin' back and forth.

It was weird though!!! I didn't recognize a lot of people. I don't ever really but. ... w/e. I'm finally vaguely older than other vk fans!!

There were only a few people dressed up, however I think the number grew as the doors time grew near.. There were some very nice outfits!!

Also, Roger, merch crew, etc. began arriving around... 4pm I think? Along with a certain individual... I'm not sure if it was Kamijo or Yuki, but I think it was Yuki?! ahh....

Most of the band came (in a limo) around um... five thirty or so...? don't quote me on that, but an hour or two later. Everyone's hair (i'm not sure about make up) was alrady prepared.

Then, more wating game...
Anyway, they let us in around 7:30.

in the pit:

When we were let in, we we ushured into the bar area. If you're not familiar w/ the knitting factory, there are two stages (Main Space and the Tap Bar) and multiple floors. The Versailles concert was in the Main Space, on the first floor. The merch tables were open hey!! I wanted my to get me a cd (my wallet was in her bag) but... no... it didn't work out... u_u;; oh well~

....Of course, the concert didn't start until about 8:40. However, there wasn't an openning act, so that kind of made sense. I'm also glad because we could wait outside instead of ayabie where they made us wait in the pit so...

but.... I got front row, right in front of Teru. *_*!!!!alsdkfjksdjfkjerasdfksdsdkjskj ;sldjgasldkgjlasdf alskdjflskdjf alskdjflkasdj ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............
I still can't believe it. Ok ok so I hip checked and snuck up that shit like no one's business but... fuck, its a concert. it's a VK concert. It's goddamn Teru of aikaryu. you guys know how it is. He can fuckin' DESTROY on guitar (evidence).

...cough. Umm... Well it deffinately got better during the concert, but I had an "~annoyed and apprehensive~" feeling from the audience. like: "Fuck you give us our band!!"

I'm not the best person in the world to write a live report because I'm not a dedicated fan with knowledge of all of their music (setlist? no way... but...) there's that, and also because I was on the left side of the stage, I couldn't see much of hizaki... also head banging for most of it... just in general, not the best for memory or anything, But I'm trying.

Main Set:

Finally after such a long wait, Roger came out. (He had really perfect hair some how)/ He welcomed us to the show and laid down the rules " As usual, no photography, and.... DO NOT GRAB ONTO THE BAND MEMBERS AND RIP OFF THEIR COSTUMES. ...And support the band by purchasing their merch!"
Of course he then began to pump up the crowd, yelling this and that...

then the band entered from the backstage on the right side of the stage.

I think Kamijo did an mc here...? But it might have been after the first song. He greeted everyone ...
I believe it was after the song, but... Kamijo did an MC something like..: "We are very excited to be here, because it is our very first time/debut in NYC!" Of course, everything was matched by ear piercing screams.

They played one of their songs, I think the one with the "We are... 'Versailles'!" (but a lot of them sounded like that...) On the first song's solo, I feel like Teru gave a nodd to like... remember my brave etc but... probably just me. And he gave a salute! ahhhh....

The screams died down 4-5 songs in, so that most of them were at the end/beginnings of songs and during/after solos/special moments *ie: when they spin, etc...

In each song there was a small solo. Well they're written in too but like... you know... Teru solo'd during the beginning of this set a lot! Most of the finger work, you know. During the end of this set he did more rythmn and Hizaki did some solos, one of them was pretty nice...

Here would go stuff about the different songs, etc... They had a really good & long set!! One of the more memorable moments was one of the slower songs- I think "Sympatia"...? I think this was the point where I looked over at Kamijo and he was so... frail/pained looking...

Er...Lots of spinning... Kamijo trying to direct us...

During the finale there was a lot of switching around and the band gave service, Kamijo running around and gripping all the different band memebers (lol) But everyone seemed to be really energetic!! He introduced the band members twice some how...?

Jasime You and Teru also did fanservice leaning together... (lol)

Then after the "last song" they all left to crazy cheering, Yuki giving us a big fist pump!!

Then was a give of a wait... everyone going in and out of shouts of "en~co~re!" and "Versailles!" The light tech started flashing the lights to the cheers and the band began tempting guitar strains from the back room...

1st Encore:

It was either during this set or the end of the main set that they played from the "A Noble was born in chaos" single- I think all the songs in a row, too. This part was fun son~~ The band, who had been getting more and more energetic, really brought their energy, once again switching around and coming close to the audience etc. Everyone was really into it and happy!!

Everyone was leaning close to the front and cheering. Once again as they left Yuki gave another fist pump, and at one point approached the stage and gave handshakes.

2nd Encore:

After they left for the second time, everyone immeadiatly began cheering for the next encore. Within two minutes they were back on stage, I swear...

Kamijo did another brief MC this time as well, saying something and then "Now, we are family!!"

I'm pretty sure this was when they played The Revenant Choir.... and then we went crazy again!! Ahh the finale was so intense!

Roger returned as they were finishing the final song and it was a very... \*u*/ moment... everyone together having a badass time...!!!

Kamijo thanked everyone (I'm sure/think...)

Versailles left the stage to everyone cheering like crazy, blowing kisses and waving and tossing some things and then at the end, a final MC. Roger talked about this and that, supporting Tainted Reality etc... and for his final "farwell", he paused, and said: "See you in February." and dropped the mic.


As for the crowd I would say it was really good?! Cheering like crazy during the important parts, but being quiet when they were supposed to. because I was at the front I didn't know how the pushing & etc was but it wasn't bad at all at the front? not squished at all!! (unlike dir en grey lol)

From what I saw there were no "falls into the audience" or sound tech issues. The only issue was during one song/mc several screeches from one of the mics, but not in a bad/noticable way. Everyone on the left side of the pit was fairly respectful of the band guys, especially in the beginning. ie even if teru got close enough for us to touch his clothes/shoes etc. we didn't. and/or drag him into the pit.

Band & Service?:

Being in front of Teru I had a pretty good view of everyone except hizaki, so I can't really speak about him to much... Actually he seemed a lot more reserved than The others as far as "going out to the audience" but DO NOT QUOTE ME ON THIS... becasue um seriously... I couldn't see him at all/was distracted. Frontrow, infront of one of my fave guitarists.... ahhhh!!!!! er... yeah. *_*;;

Buut teru, I could talk about him all day, oh lord. Well he had many solos where he shredded ... so BA.... i guess his character for the band is "cute/cheeky prince" So he did many funny poses, such as flinging his right hand out straight to the side and giving us a salute. It was really like... bad ass for me because I was to the very edge of left side right next to one of the speakers blasting out his guitar soz... I could hear his guitar so clearly *_*;;;... When he wasn't focused on guitaring, he mouthed the words to many of the songs. Near the end of the concert he beat his chest (like tarzan) ahahaha!! so cute hey...

It was nice because the other people in the front row next to me were also teru fans?? but like... idk, I guess I was too much like "*_* EPIC MANLY METAL GUITAR!!" as opposed to "he is such a cute prince" but... now I wanna get his hair style fufufu... as if that could help my guitar playing...

I felt like I had a good connection with him!! (er... weirdo) I'm sure with most of the people on his side as well yeah. During one of the breaks one of the people near me shouted "Teru!! You fucking rock!!" and he gave a smile... hahaha... He'd give us (left side) looks and then we'd all "nod!!!" and go into headbanging. Watching the guitar work also~ because I'm essentially a guitarfag.

At the very end of the third encore, as everyone was leaving, he reached towards his mic and shouted "...THANK YOU!!" So forcefully and earnestly... And that was like... the last word on stage... \*u*/

Personally I felt he REALLY brought his all to the show and um... aww so proud of him man ;_;!! I feel like left side really brought it guys...!! ;3;

Ok ok and my BIGGEST nerdgasm was... cough... I had been giving him the finger heart symbol several time and during the final final final rally and onslaught of cheers he sent it back!! Gahahaha... ahhh... I'm so happy lol... although I'm sure people in back were doing the same...


He did many MCs and seemed (from what I could see) quite energetic. I believe it was during the second encore, I looked over during a pause in his singing and he looked like he was in a state of pain, the emotion of the song was so powerful hey!!... ...

During one of the songs, he came over to the left side and balanced on the speaker where I was located. I felt so... dominated. (lol) his boots were beautifully crafted;; with real real high quality leather ahh....

During the show I wasn't paying so much attention but by the end he seemed really happy!!!

*edit1: Soooo many mcs, so that I can't remember any. At one point he said "I have a present for you..." "... my Heart." err... for others, check other lives reports u_u;;

Jasmin Yuu:

Gahaha!! he was so gorgeous... hmm, he seemed really sweet, but very silent. During one of the encore periods he took a sip out of his water bottle and waved and daintily dropped it from stage. (No other way to describe it) He & teru did some service (playing behind each other) and he and kamijo as well. (laughs).


As I said before, I'm not aware of him most of the time, but he was so beautiful hmm...!! And well when he did come over...

He came for a bit to the left side and also leaned out, everyone cheering loudly and waving at him. However he retreated and sunk to the ground (while still playing guitar) ...insanely gracefully... - um, I think this was because his strap fell off/etc. immeadiatly the lone roadie ran out onto stage and fixed it. I think he was securing the strap in some way but it might have been something else., afterwhich Hizaki stood up and was fine. *err... that is to say there was no tripp/fall in this case, but I'm not sure.

**edit1: lol he did a stage dive at the end.... I told you, I can't see it, hey!!


Ohh!! Yuki, he was all alone up on drums. But... he brought it!! pounding metal drums!! I wanna headbang!! l lol... Also, from when you could see him come out from behind the drums, he was really pumped, full throttle, you know?! Aww...

Also, I feel like he was wearing a different outfit from the "Noble" outfit... maybe just without the cape? It was more black/purple and of course, no capelet, hat, etc.


I was really tired after standing in line all day, but really happy I wore my converse... I had kept telling myself "I won't headbang, I won't ruin my headress, etc!!" lol... within the first fifteen seconds it had fallen out... however that alright...?? er... well it didn't fall off or even hurt during the entirety of my time and nyc, or after the concert, either.

I made friends with a bunch of new people! I didn't get their contact info!! (thumbs up)

DISCLAIMER: Dude, I am not a very together person so you know... I try to be accurate, and these are from the heart but... time, correct setlist, w/e... ain't gonna happen. \o/

Public for a while, but'll go friends only soon enough...

unrelated uploads:

Scanch - GOLD [album] - http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=4a67a4f65632cf43ab1eab3e9fa335caf45f5f133fe3d6aa (my shitty itunes go!! rip.)
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